The Roundhouse at Alyeska Museum

Alaska's Only Mountaintop Museum and Interpretive Center

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Girdwood Inc.
Board of Directors
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Dale Goodwin, President

Lynn Johnson, Vice President

Kate Sandberg, Secretary

Diana Stone Livingston, Treasurer

Larry Cash

Matt Vogel

Randall Call

Chris Von Imhof, Honorary Member

Girdwood, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization created for “educational and charitable” purposes in the Girdwood area. Girdwood, Inc. undertakes its own projects and provides services and support for other community efforts.
Girdwood, Inc. provides assistance to a variety of projects, including: the Girdwood Playground Committee, the Girdwood Trails Committee, the Library and Community Center Project, the Diane Bahnson Memorial Fund, the Nissman Memorial Pavilion Project, the Turnagain Arm Health Center and the Girdwood Skate Board Park.
About Girdwood, Inc.

The Roundhouse at Alyeska Museum’s two primary missions are to convey the history of the valley and to be self-sustaining. Conveying the history focuses on dynamic exhibits, publication of local history books, and speaker and artist visits. Ongoing Roundhouse operation is supported by Alyeska Resort, John Byrne III.

Summer Hours are 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM
7 Days a week.

Winter hours open 11 AM until 3 PM
Weekends and holiday seasons.

Admission to the Roundhouse Museum is FREE.